Dora Psoma
Curriculum Design Manager

Dora is an educator with professional experience at all levels of education, research and Intergenerational Communication. As a Curriculum Design Manager she deals with the development of training projects of National and EU scope, from the stage of conception of an idea to its completion and evaluation.

At IDEA she specializes mainly in the Erasmus+ educational framework, designing proposals for projects that promote mobility and Lifelong Learning and Training. These projects focus on multilingualism and the accessibility of digital and urban space. She is also responsible for the induction and training of all new personnel, so feel free to contact her for any information regarding training positions at IDEA.

Dora is a Lifelong Learner and has a multifaceted background: she holds 2 Bachelor’s Degrees in English Literature and History (AUTh), a Master’s Degree in Digital Humanities (UoWM) and a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (University of Cambridge) and she is currently learning how to code with Python while studying French and German. Dora’s work portfolio is also quite diverse: She has designed fast-paced English and IT Skills learning programs for hundreds of young people in the UK, the Netherlands and Greece while she worked as a member of a research team at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the diapolis program (NSRF 2007-2013). Dora has also conducted research and consulting work for the Federation of Industries of Greece (SBE) under the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (2014-2020), regarding the reintegration of 550 Young People not in Employment, Education, Training – NEET.

Tel: +302310546816