Ioanna Karypidou
Project Manager

Ioanna Karypidou is a graduate of the Department of Economics at University of Macedonia and holds a Master’s Degree in Economics, specializing in Applied Economics and Finance. In addition, she is a proficient speaker of English, and posses excellent computers skills. She has professional experience in the preparation of economic and technical studies and business plans for private companies, and the monitoring and implementation of business plans for NSRF programs. She has five years of experience in the field of Vocational Education, as a certified adult trainer, with subjects including Finance, Supply Chain Management, Marketing, Branding and Social Media Marketing. During her involvement in education, she participated in the promotion of various structures, as well as in the organization of conferences and seminars. Finally, she has collaborated with the Special Account of Research Funds of ATEITH providing technical and financial support to Postgraduate Programs and the collection and recording of techno-economic research data of research programs.

From 2021 until today, she works at IDEA training company with main tasks of managing and coordinating professional training projects.

Tel: +30 2310546816