Leonidas Fakas

Leonidas is a graduate of the Department of Economics of the University of Macedonia. He has 30 years of professional experience in the areas of Administration & Project Management, Strategic Planning, Development Policy, Human Resource Development, Business Communication and Market Research.

Leonidas has been active commercially and scientifically in the Vocational Education and Learning Sector since 1991. Since 1995 he has the position of General Manager at IDEA training. As the CEO of IDEA training, he has participated as a coordinator or member in project teams in a number of Projects and Studies of Socio-economic direction, Planning of Strategic and Operational Programs, implementation of Development Programs for public bodies. At the same time, he has participated in the planning, implementation and evaluation of a large number of co-financed projects, both at the level of integrated programs and at the level of sectoral interventions in the following sectors: Urban Development & Governance, Social Policy & Employment, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Environmental Protection & Sustainable Development Policies, Digital Economy, Tourism Development, while he provided specialized scientific and consulting services to entities in the public and private sector.

At the same time, during the period 2001-2007 he was a member of the Central Administrative Body (CBA) of the Greek Chamber of Commerce, while from 1999-2008 he was a member of the Executive Secretariat of the Board, Vice-President and President of the Hellenic Association of Vocational Training Centers. From 2003 and for 7 years he maintained permanent cooperation with the IDS Consulting Company, as a Management Consultant. He holds the position of Administrator and Legal Representative of the company, since 2011.

Email: l.fakas@ideatraining.gr
Tel: +30 2310546816