Mission & Vision

IDEA is an educational and consultancy organisation active in the field of Lifelong Learning and Vocational Education and Training (VET) for more than three decades. With an emphasis on high quality, innovative teaching methods and creativity, IDEA staff are committed in designing and implementing innovative educational programmes for human resources development and employability.

The organization was founded in 1990, in Thessaloniki, and was originally named “Youth Informatics – European Centre for Social Initiative and Entrepreneurial Training”.

Since IDEA ‘s establishment in the early 1990s, its expertise has been broadened through cooperation with local, regional and international actors and the development of communication bridge with social partners on VET policies.

Using the National Qualifications Framework as a reference, in conjunction with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), IDEA provides training packages and business plans for:

During its three decades of operation, IDEA has developed hundreds of studies and VET curricula and has implemented actions that have improved the employability of thousands of young people, both employed and unemployed, contributing to the competitiveness of the economy and strengthening social cohesion at a local and regional level.

In this context, IDEA welcomes and endorses the key principles of the European Skills Agenda to enhance sustainable competitiveness in order to achieve a gradual transition to the digital and green economy, driven by the growth and empowerment of regional economies.

Today IDEA is the pioneering and innovative organization that keeps developing consistently and responsibly towards a holistic reshaping of the labour market landscape in Greece, the Balkans and Europe in general for the period 2022-2030. In line with the National Strategy for Active Employment Policies (EAP) and the European Employment Policy Framework, it forges strategic alliances not only with local, national and regional partners but also with civil society actors, demonstrating in practice the power of knowledge in the era of the Digital Revolution.


At IDEA FOR 30+ YEARS, we are building strong skills, aiming at an innovative and inclusive transformation in the field of Vocational Education and Training. Our mission is to provide lifelong learning services that invest in the human factor and enhance the employability of every individual by implementing Digital Transformation strategies.