Spaces & Infrastructure

IDEA operates in modern, privately owned facilities, with a total area of 700m2. Offices, classrooms, and IT labs are on the 1st and 3rd floor of the premises, on Chr. Pipsou 9, at the western entrance of Thessaloniki. The area, also known as “Xyladika”, is situated near the city’s Train Station and it has been rapidly developing since 2006. It is a vibrant, multicultural neighborhood that welcomes immigrants from Asia who run their trade business. Many NGO’s and other Youth Organizations have been established in industrial buildings while international multistores are popping up in this ever-developing part of the city.

The central structure of the company in Pipsou Street includes:

  • Classrooms with a certified capacity of twenty-five (25) persons each
  • Four (4) modern, fully equipped computer laboratories, with a total certified capacity of ninety-three (93) persons
  • Teamwork and meeting spaces
  • Break and relaxation areas for both learners and personnel
  • Library – reading room and photocopying centre
  • Modern administrative and support facilities
  • Modern videoconferencing facilities

In the magazine “ΚΤΙRΙΟ” JULY-AUGUST 2022, reference is made to the reconstruction and radical renovation of IDEA, which is a milestone in the design of educational spaces as well as a reference point for Adult Education in general.

“In an attempt to explore and define a contemporary landscape of education, a new vocabulary is adopted that transfers and captures moments of the public space of the urban landscape to the public space of the educational institution.

The royalty of the space, the element of surprise, the unexpected, the transparency, the continuity, the coincidence, the trace-graphic imprint, which compose the urban space and create conditions of experience, were the design requirements.”

«KTIRIO», vol.7 JULY-AUGUST 2022

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