VET Programmes

Lifelong Learning Centre IDEA provides a wide range of VET Programmes for Human Resources Development.Educational and Consulting services are delivered onsite and/or via synchronous and asynchronous e-learning programmes. Programmes are addressed to learners who reside in Northern Greece but also to persons who live in the country’s various geographical locations with fewer opportunities.

The curricula and syllabi of the VET programmes aim to provide learners with digital and green skills as well as business skills in the following fields:

Government-funded VET Programmes are addressed to either employed individuals or unemployed individuals and are offered year-round. IDEA staff, trainers and consultants are experienced with working in projects that address the needs of people with fewer opportunities or reside in remote areas. Most Government-funded Programmes are designed in order to provide training opportunities to persons who face unemployment, discrimination, social exclusion and poverty.

Apart from Government-funded VET Programmes, IDEA also provides Open Education & Training Programmes for Intra-Corporate Training or Inter-Company Training in a wide range of fields of Business and Social & Environmental Entrepreneurship.